Children in Indoor Playground


​Allsorts has a long history of "Good" OFSTED reports. Our latest OFSTED report in 2017 was Good with elements of Outstanding:

  • ​"Staff monitor children's learning carefully in partnership with parents to ensure that any child who may need additional help is identified at an early stage."

  • "Staff provide a broad variety of learning opportunities.  They plan effectively and follow children's interest."​

  • "Staff provide good opportunities to extend children's skills in communication and language, physical development, and person, social and emotional development.  This provides a strong base for other areas of learning."

  • ​"Staff listen attentively and model language well."​

  • "The enthusiastic and nurturing staff work very effectively as they successfully settle new children into the pre-school. They place a high priority on developing children's self-confidence and social skills."​

  • "Staff are excellent role models for children and set consistent expectations for children's behaviour."​

  • "Children develop the skills to listen and follow instructions.  They ask staff for help when they need. Children join in with new activities and they take pride in their achievements. They are curious and keen to explore, investigate and be involved."

  • ​"Children develop the skills and confidence they need to happily move on to school."

Bristol Standards Certification

Allsorts Pre-school is proud to have held the Bristol Standards Certification for many years. The programme engages settings in reflective practice and continued professional development.  It supports settings to:

  • Achieve high quality provision for all children in a culture of inclusion and anti-discriminatory practice.

  • Work together collaboratively, have a voice and learn from each other.

  • Celebrate current good practice and develop the quality and effectiveness of provision through a process of reflection.

  • Make improvements that will benefit all children.

  • Develop genuine partnerships with children’s families or carers, other professionals and the local and wider community.

  • Promote leadership which is motivational and inclusive that demonstrates a commitment to sustain continuous improvement and contribute to professional development.

  • Enable change through clear leadership and a shared vision which values individual strengths.